District 28 Goals

2018-2020 GOAL                                                                          

ZI Goal 1:

We maximize our impact through service and advocacy initiatives and educational programs that empower women and girls.

District 28 Goals

At least 60% of the clubs will include early marriage   in their Zonta Says No informative campaigns.

Where relevant, areas and clubs will advocate with local institutions to provide tools against child marriage.

In D28 new collaboration with like-minded organizations will be started to enhance our effectiveness in empowering women and girls. (at least 1 per area).

D28 will implement the WIT Award, and continue to work on the existing Award programs AE, JMK, YWPA (candidates from every area for each award)


ZI Goal 2:

We strengthen our resources to support our mission.

District 28 Goals - membership

We will resume membership at least to the status of May 2018 through:

-  Retaining our members (through training, involvement, cultivating future leadership)

-  Recruiting new members/forming new clubs, also and not only:

-  through our Alumnae: 1 AE Fellows reunion at DC e 1 Alumnae meeting;

-  looking for international members residing in our cities (bilingual or foreign language/English clubs)

We will form at least 1 new youth club:

-  through our Alumnae (see above Alumnae meeting)

-  promoting Z e Golden Z clubs to our club officers.

We will reinforce and align our leadership, with the support of our Leadership&Training Chair who will:

-  propose a training program at all levels (club, area, district),

-  plan the DC seminars

-  track progress in training and reports to the district board

District 28 Goals - fundraising

Our Ambassadors will continue to promote donations to ZIF (100% club participation) and educate clubs to give at least a third of fundraising to ZIF.

They will provide information on the Endowment Funds and the Mary E. Jenkins 1919 Society.

District 28 Goals – operational efficiency

We will assess the district modus operandi (flows of information and documents, communication, website and social media, reimbursement procedure, etc.), in order to improve it.


ZI Goal 3:

We enhance our profile around the word through our centennial anniversary activities.

District 28

The  CAC, with Centennial Coordinators in each area, will:

-  implement centennial, local service and membership awards program to be recognized at DC 2019  

-  help organize centennial celebration at DC with story festival, awards ceremony, exhibits, AE Fellows reunion (c/o AE Chair)

-  encourage areas, clubs and their countries unions to implement programs and centennial awards, and reports to the district board (all clubs somehow celebrate centennial)

-        D28 promotes, through the ADs, the Centennial Anniversary Grants (at least one application per area)

-        The PR will systematically publish historical facts, quotes and centennial activities on district social media (at least 1 weekly post starting from 2 series: "Did you know that ..." and "Why am I with Zonta?"; final printed publication or video)